Annie Elizabeth Coe Kerr

Covenanters March, The

Devil's People, The

First Church, The

Good Samaritan, The

Greenwood March, The

Henry Kendall College

High Noon Wedding

Ivory Gavel

Lynchmen of the Cloth, The

McCormick Theological Seminary

Memoirs of Lincoln

Moderator, The

Old Manse, The


Test of the Master, The

Trustees March, The

Underground Railroad, The

University of Tulsa March,The

White Cats of Night, The


Butler County Farm


Florence Patterson

Jezebel Goose

Nathan Patterson

Master is Calling, The


Ahab Gander

Clapboard Chapel The

Colonial Stock, Of

Elevator Incident, The

Freedmen's Bureau, The

Hawley Kerr

Hellfire Bound


Missing Papers of Tulsa, The

Missing Tribune, The

Skating Party,The

Thaddeus Stephens

Tulsa Air Force, The

Tulsa TribuneTerror


Dick Rowland

Golden Timepiece,The

Gospel Commission, The

Grandfather Clause, The

Parting the Seas

Session of The Ruling Elders, The

18 July, 1951


Climbing the Steps


Across the Tracks

Balaam the Drunken Ass

Fiery Pit, The

For Just Meanness

General Grant


Mary Rigby

Parker's Landing

Priest and the Levite, The

Slippery Rock,The

Piobaireachd (Grounds Var 1only)

Ardgowan's Welcome to Chicago

Gathering of the Kerrs, The

Kerrs Have Come, The

Kerr's March to Justice, The

Massacre of Greenwood, The

Pride of Ardgowan, The


To Defend a Courthouse - Waltz

Last Dance, The - Waltz

Mistaken Identity - Kopenitsa

Putting On Prince Albert - Border Hornpipe

Tulsa Open Season - Kopenitsa



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