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City  of  Tulsa  declares  public  war  upon  the  Greenwood  Black  community  to  appease  Tulsa's  wealthiest  citizens  swarming  at  Police  Station  after  being  dispersed  from  Courthouse  by  Dr.  Kerr:

The actual race war was ignited as the sullen lynch mob of oil-wealthy Tulsans  dispersed from the Courthouse by Dr. Kerr encountered the troop of well- armed Black Veterans coming up from Greenwood to offer a lawful resistance under Oklahoma Law (21 Oklahoma Statutes §643(3); 22 O.S. §33; 6 Okla Law Review 231) sufficient to protect the Courthouse from them and to prevent them from lynching the falsely accused Black youth.  These Greenwood Veterans were better armed than was the lynch mob dressed in business clothes and having come directly from their businesses offices in downtown Tulsa.  The Courthouse lynch mob attempted to disarm Veterans; naturally, the Black Veterans refused. 

After encountering the armed Greenwood Black Veterans, this infuriated lynch mob of Tulsa's leading oilmen and wealthiest citizens stormed down to the Police Station demanding that the Police give them the opportunity 'to put down' the Black population of Greenwood. This action initiated what Tulsans call 'The Tulsa Race Riot'.

Completely overwhelmed by the unexpected human presence of Tulsa's most prominent citizens, the Tulsa Police were stampeded in servile obsequiousness to the collective social, economic, and civic status of this lynch mob as Tulsa's wealthiest citizens  …  into accommodating their every demand:    

Greenwood  arsoned  by  Tulsa's  City  Government  to  appease
wealthy  lynch  mob  members  at  Police  Station:
¿ Is  this  'GREEN  COUNTRY' ?  

This infuriated lynch mob of Tulsa's most important oil magnates and leading citizens at the Police Station demanded that the Police give them the opportunity 'to put down' the Greenwood Black community.  

To appease Tulsa's most important oil,  business,  civic, and social leaders swarming about the Police Station like angry hornets; the Tulsa City Government wilfully ignored the complete legality of the actions of the Black Veterans under State law (21 O.S. §643(3); 22 O.S. §33; 6 Okla Law Review 231):   

Accordingly, to create a procedurally formal legal 'pretext' for invading and arsoning Tulsa's Greenwood Black district for the pleasure of Tulsa's most upstanding citizens the City Government knowingly fabricated the deliberate  official  lie  that the lawful actions of the Black Veterans constituted a 'Negro Insurrection'.  

 This wilful official lie was a deliberate legal error committed by the City Government under colour of State Law re the police powers of Oklahoma municipalities which violated the Federally guaranteed constitutional and statutory rights of the Greenwood Veterans re 42 U.S.C.A. §1983.  

Furthermore, to  give these important Tulsa community leaders the opportunity they were demanding 'to put down the Niggers' in Greenwood, the responsible City Authorities further declared that sufficient reasons of public safety necessity existed to suppress with violent force this non-existent  'Negro Insurrection':  The subsequent suppression of a completely fictional 'Negro Insurrection' as city policy by the Government of the City of Tulsa constituted a  deliberate legal wrong.  This caused 'The Tulsa Race Riot'.  Tulsa's city policy to suppress a non-existent  'Negro Insurrection'  under colour of the police powers of municipalities under State law violated the Federally protected constitutional and statutory rights of the entire Greenwood Black community under Sec. 1 of the Federal 1870 Ku Klux Act: 42 U.S.C.A. §1983  

During the subsequently planning that night for the City's invasion of Greenwood early the next morning to suppress this non-existent 'Negro Insurrection', Tulsa's oilmen, businessmen, and civic leaders influenced Tulsa's City Government to target for deliberate arson those areas of Greenwood running parallel to the Midland Valley Railroad track and north of the Frisco Railroad tracks  …  forming the southern boundary of the Greenwood Black district.   

Tulsa's civic leadership had long coveted the entire Greenwood Black district for conversion into a rail switchyard,  industrial supply,   and warehouse district:   Before the advent of air transportation and trucking over inter-state super-highways, rail transportation was the only means of supplying the needs of Tulsa's oil industry.  

The ulterior motive of Tulsa's civic leadership at the Police Station to prevail upon the City Government  to arson Greenwood was two-fold:   

(1) to 'clear out' the Black population for the long proposed rail, industrial, and warehouse district to be built on the site of Greenwood;  

(2) to reduce the high fair market value of the improved Black-owned  Greenwood properties slated for arson  …  so that Tulsa's oil and business interests might later buy such at 'fire sale prices'.  

In addition, both Tulsa's City Government and Tulsa's civic leadership had long desired to re-settle  Greenwood's Black population on farmland to the north of Tulsa, outside the city limits for 'social reasons':   Richard  Lloyd Jones, the oil magnates and other wealthy  community leaders had  long regarded Greenwood as a blight or canker upon what Tulsa boosters termed 'The Magic Empire'.   Their goal was to make Tulsa a 'Negro free'  100%  American city.   The civic leaders wanted to force the Blacks to leave Tulsa.  

The actions of Tulsa's  multi-millionaire civic leadership  at  the  Police Station to request Tulsa's City Government to target selected areas of Greenwood for deliberate arson in suppression of a fictional 'Negro Insurrection' made under colour of the City's normal police powers established by State Law in violation of the Federally protected constitutional and statutory rights of the Greenwood Black Community   ...  constituted  "conspiracy"  as such  is  legally  defined  in  42 U.S.C.A. §1983.  

To execute this common plan Tulsa's City Government supplied copious amounts of petrol from the City's own supplies to the City's 'specially commissioned' armed forces in quantities sufficient to arson every Black home, business and church in Greenwood … to 'clear out' the Black population for the proposed rail, industrial & warehouse district:

Greenwood  businesses  intentionally  arsoned  with  petrol  
supplied  by  City  Government  to  clear  out  Black  population  for   
rail  switchyard,  industrial,  and  warehouse  district
long  desired  by Tulsa's  civic  leadership  

The City Government proceeded to commission as 'Emergency Police Deputies' some five hundred members of the very same Courthouse lynch mob --  the most prominent and wealthiest citizens in Tulsa  --  who minutes before had been seeking to lynch the falsely accused Black youth.   

They were joined by 'Home Guards' formed during World War One [in case the Kaiser's Army reached Oklahoma], similar armed vigilante units, and tens of thousand unorganised white Tulsa gunmen summoned by word-of-mouth to act as a 'City Posse' under State Law.  Constituting the City of Tulsa's 'armed forces', these ten to fifteen thousand heavily armed Tulsa gunmen were agents of the City Government executing city policy  (See 476 F2d 238) to suppress a non-existent  'Negro Insurrection' willfully fabricated to create a pseudo-legal 'justification' for the invasion of Greenwood.  

Reducing  Greenwood  property  values by arson for  future  purchase   
by  Tulsa's civic  leadership  at  'fire  sale prices':
¿ Very 'civic',  isn't  it ?  

The Tulsa Police began breaking and entering into  local hardware stores to supply these 'Emergency Police Deputies' with arms and ammunition to use against the unarmed Greenwood Black population.  This is euphemised by Tulsans as 'The Tulsa Race Riot'  

The Tulsa Police Commissioner and Police Inspector formed such white volunteers into ‘companies’, which were marched by the Police into offensive positions overlooking Greenwood. They were given tins of petrol and instructed systematically to go from home-to-home, to pile all mattresses and crouches in the hall,  douse them with petrol and to burn every structure in Greenwood to the ground (21 O.S. §1401 re "Arson"). All of the City's armed forces were given carte blanche by the City Government to invade Greenwood and to do whatever they wished to the Black inhabitants:     

 Early on the morning of Wednesday, 1st June 1921,  upon a given signal the City's armed forces launched an invasion of Greenwood from the west to suppress as city policy a completely non-existent 'Negro Insurrection'.  These Tulsans effectively deputised by the City as a Posse were organised into cars full of gunmen. They began indiscriminately shooting in Greenwood at any Black from every condition of life.  Acting under colour of their authority from the City, the City's 'specially commissioned' armed forces prevented the Tulsa Fire Department from extinguishing  fires in  Greenwood.  

Middle-class  Greenwood home,  before   …   and  after

 In execution of the City of Tulsa's policy to suppress this non-existent 'Negro Insurrection',  the City's armed forces murdered well over 300 unarmed Blacks,  burnt over 1200 Black homes to the ground  --  leaving over half of Tulsa's Black Population homeless,  deliberately  arsoned 23 Black Christian Churches,  and completely devastated some 35 city blocks of Greenwood's Black business district  … in violation of 21 O.S. §1401.   Some 700 to 800 hundred Blacks were seriously wounded.    

The situation got so out of hand that Oklahoma Governor declared Martial Law and sent the State Militia to stop the mass murder of helpless Blacks by 'T-Towne' Tulsans deputised by the City Government as 'Emergency Police Deputies' or a 'City Posse'.   

The Commander of the State Militia forced the Mayor to revoke all 'special commission' of such 'Emergency Police Deputies' and the City's other armed forces on the grounds that such 'special deputies' were the very persons responsible for invading and torching Greenwood and murdering  hundreds of unarmed Blacks.  

The Commander also found that no authentic 'civil insurrection' by the Greenwood Black population had ever occurred....  

After the Race War was over, the falsely accused Black youth, Dick Rowland, was released because he was completely innocent of the false charges of 'attempted rape' made against him by Richard Lloyd Jones and The Tulsa Tribune....  

Upon releasing Dick Rowland, Tulsa County Officials put him on an out-bound train because they could not protect him from Tulsans infuriated that his very innocence placed Tulsa in a bad light for having arsoned Greenwood on a false pretext.   Dick Rowland died far away from home and is buried in an unmarked grave.     

Ironically, Dick Rowland's persecutor Richard Lloyd Jones, Tulsa's Most  Representative  Citizen,  promoter of the Ku Klux Klan,  whose political acumen is expressed by his boast at "Being First for Alf Landon" in the 1936 Presidential Election,  died in his own bed and is buried in a Tulsa Cemetery for the wealthy under an elaborate tombstone engraved in Welsh with his family motto:  'TRUTH  AGAINST THE  WORLD'....

 "GREEN  COUNTRY"  'truth'....


Wreckage  of  Greenwood  business  district  as  city  policy  
To  suppress  non-existent  'Negro  Insurrection'
Gives  new meaning to 'GREEN  COUNTRY'….  

With the Tulsa's newly rich oilmen acting as 'Emergency Police Deputies',  the 31st May to 1st June, 1921 Tulsa Race War was a worse atrocity than the infamous 10th November 1938 Nazi German 'Kristallnacht':


America's  'KRISTALLNACHT':  
1921  Tulsa  Race  War
worse  that  10  November  1938  Nazi  German  Kristallnacht
Tulsa's  racial  Holocaust  of  the  Greenwood  Blacks

Half of Tulsa's 12,000 Blacks were made homeless and had to live in a tent city built by the National Red Cross for over a year until they could raise money on their own (with no help from oil-rich Tulsa) to rebuild their homes. 

 More hapless Greenwood Blacks (over three hundred) were murdered by the Tulsa City Government  …  than were Jews (some thirty-six) during  'Kristallnacht'  throughout all of Nazi Germany. Over twelve hundred Black middle-class single family homes were burnt to the ground along with twenty-three Black churches and thirty-five blocks of the prosperous Black business district in Greenwood: 

 This  Tulsa holocaust of the Greenwood Blacks is an  American ethnic cleansing :