1:      Dr.  Kerr's  ministerial  career:

2:      The  arms  and  clan tartans  of  Dr. Charles  W.  Kerr's  branch  of The  Kerrs  of  Ardgowan:

3:      1921  Tulsa  Race  War:  Background:

4:      Richard  Lloyd  Jones  incites  1921  Tulsa  Race  War:

5:      Greenwood  Pastors  request  Dr.  Charles  W.  Kerr  to  confront  Courthouse  lynch mob:

6:      Dr. Kerr  confronts  howling  Courthouse  lynch  mob  of  Tulsa's most  prominent  citizens  seeking  to  lynch  falsely  accused  Black  youth:

7:      City  of  Tulsa  declares  public  war  upon  the  Greenwood  Black community  to  appease  Tulsa's  wealthiest  citizens  swarming  at  Police Station  after  being  dispersed  from  Courthouse  by  Dr.  Kerr:

8:      Dr. Kerr's Holyroodhouse-type sanctuary for the Greenwood Blacks at Tulsa's First Presbyterian Church:

9:      Dr. Kerr's inspection of the destruction of Greenwood by City Government as city policy to suppress fictitious 'Negro Insurrection':

10:     Mrs. Kerr saves a Greenwood man from lynching and a Tulsa Prodigal Son from himself:

11:     Dr. Kerr rejects Tulsa's 'Inter-Racial Committee' racialist insistence upon recognition of "White Supremacy" by Greenwood Pastors:

12:     Dr.  Kerr  requests  Presbyterian  lawyers  to  analyse  legal rights of  Greenwood  Blacks:

13:     Legal analysis of Race War and possible case for injured Greenwood Blacks under §1 of Federal 1870 Ku Klux Act  --  predicated on future Congressional Declaration repudiating City's official  lie:

14:     Dr. Kerr's exposure of 'common plan' to force devastated Greenwood Blacks into selling arsoned properties for a pittance:

15:     Dr. Kerr offers resignation as Pastor to seek justice for Greenwood Blacks racially oppressed by the City of Tulsa:

16:     Dr. Kerr confronts Tulsa's civic leadership with their own evil to demand full compensation for wrongful deaths and property damage in Greenwood during so-called 'Tulsa Race Riot':

17:     Oil-wealthy  Tulsans refuse  Dr.  Kerr's  request  to  compensate  Greenwood  and  join  the  Ku  Klux  Klan  by  the  thousands  to  justify  their  terrible crimes  in  Greenwood  by  the  Klan's  racialist  doctrines:

18:     Dr.  Kerr distinguishes authentic Scottish Clans from Southern poor white trash Sassenach Ku Klux Klan descended from  English criminals transported to Southern penal colonies:

19:     Kerrs  remain  in  Tulsa  after  acceptance  of  Session’s  compromise to  build  new  church  to  the  specifications  of  Dr.  and  Mrs.  Kerr:

20:     Composition  of  The  World's First Bag Pipe Opera,  'TULSA'  dedicated to the thousands of unknown Blacks racially holocausted by the City of Tulsa  in the ethnic cleansing of Greenwood for transformation into a rail, industrial, and warehouse district for the profit of Tulsa's oil-wealthy civic leadership  …  to promote enactment of CONGRESSIONAL  DECLARATION  to obtain  full compensation for Greenwood: